How to find acting work outside the UK

It really is not that hard to find acting work abroad for UK actors. Why because they speak English and their unique accents make them stand out most of the time... Coming originally from Istanbul Turkey, being partial Greek, having being raised in french schools and living in the states for a year, I can easily tell that if you are fluent in English (but a real fluency :D) or if English is your mother tongue ( which is always better, then people would not raise the question of where is your unusual accent coming from.. :D) you have unlimited options which you are not aware of. Currently, we have five English actors who are doing commercial acting in Turkey. Besides that, it is rare, but it is possible to see English Productions in Turkey as well. In the States, you are double lucky, as we all know, people love British actors In America (I was in the Anything Goes in my high school, the guy who portrayed Lord Evelyn Oakleigh — Hope's wealthy and stuffy English fiance, has drawn all the attention, because the guy has lived in the UK before and had a "spiffing" English accent. So English people, there is plenty of jobs out there waiting for you, just be alert and spend some time on online research and castings...The agencies that would recommend in Istanbul would be:
-Gaye Sokmen

My acting tips would be:
-improve your dancing skills
-make a video of your showcases if you have any, if you don't, just record a short video with your smart phone in which you talk about yourself, hobbies, goals etc... something visual is much better than sending your ordinary CV)
-This does not mean that you shouldn't send your CV, send it in advance to your show case videos.
-Do not pay any agency to represent you, I had two English friends who have done it in Paris, they ended up paying a lot moneys for scams, just be careful :)
-If you paid already, no worries, I did the same at the start, you always learn by your mistakes..!
-If you have any foreign friends, ask them to make a research about work opportunities for you, that way you can have a more reliable source..
-never reject a job because they ask you to learn their own language ( we have many German speaker actresses and actors in Istanbul as well, they are doing pretty good job in a short amount of time)
-Never apply for the extra jobs in foreign countries
-Always ask for the translation of the commitment or the agreement from your agency
-Do not be afraid of travelling, you should explore the world, and acting would be the cheapest and the most fun way to do it, if the cast and the production company is reliable!
-be careful while working with photographers
-do not rely on any body just because you see their profile on IMDb
-Seattle is the great place ti start acting as a foreigner in the states, they have a lot of different productions going on : TV, movie, student movies etc...
-Consider to collaborate with student projects (today;s students, tomorrow's directors)
-be confident and sincere.
-Do not waste your time on unpaid jobs in foreign countries.. (waste of time)
-Tv competitions like "Survival" etc.. are always nice opportunities to get scouted.

-Always have your profiles on the international casting websites, you never know ;)

The world loves you and expecting you see you in other foreign productions as well!
If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I am here on casting pro!

Illy (ballerina, dancer, actress, model, future's lawyer)

Written by: Ilayda Coruk - Visit author's website

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