How to promote your film company through social media

It is important that you have a presence on Facebook, and Twitter as these platforms are allowing companies to grow very quickly. Why? Because at least one of these social networking sites is bound to be used by a great number of your desired market. Social media is a great way to advertise your company very easily, and of course free of or charge, and you need to take advantage of this.

Firstly, I strongly recommend that you have an account for both Twitter and Facebook, if you want to join more then this is fine, but do not give yourself too much work. It important for you to keep each platform professional. Your profile name should be the name of your company, bur first check that it is available on both platforms. Sometimes people find that their company name is already in use, but do not be alarmed as most of the time this is not going to affect you if you follow these key points. If your company name is taken then find a name that is similar or as close to your current name. For example, if your company name is 'Dave Productions', then make your profile name 'DaveProd', it sounds good and also doesn't completely change the name of your company. Once you have found a name that is available on both platforms, then go ahead and make an account.

Use your current company logo as your profile picture for all platforms, this is crucial as people remember your company through your logo. if you do not have a logo, it is important that you get one, having randoms profile pictures or even profile pictures that may even be relevant to your company confuses people, keep it simple for them. Your profile picture should be clear to read or see as a thumbnail as this is what people are going to see once you have made a post or they are scrolling past your profile.

Secondly, create a description that can be put on all platforms. Take the time to think about what you want your description to say. This description needs to gather enough interest so that people follow/like you, so don't write any old boring thing.

Once this is done you are ready to start writing posts. It is important to tweet or post on Facebook frequently, people like to know what you are doing ALL of the time. Do not write big posts (impossible on twitter) as people will be disinterested, keep it short and fresh. Try to avoid asking questions such as "how are you all feeling today?", because at this stage you probably do not have enough followers to actually answer what you put. Instead, put something that you find interesting that you are perhaps currently doing or about to do such as, "Starting a new script today, meeting with the team later to discuss the ideas, can't wait". This is going to keep people intrigued and hoping for you to post again with more news on what your are up to.

The last key thing to be doing is following other people who are in the same industry, possibly not just other film companies, but camera operators or film lovers. Before you follow them, see what they post and who they are following, if they are following similar companies like yourself then like or follow. Once you have followed them they are quite likely to look at your profile to see your perfectly written description and exciting posts. They will be able to see who you are and what you do, and of course if they like you, then they will follow you back. Try to avoid liking or following lots and lots of people at once as when people see that you follow hundreds of people with little to no likes then they will immediately exit your page. They will do this before even reading your posts as someone who looks like they just want followers is not appealing to any potential fans/followers/likes.

Keep applying these points through social media and your presence will continue to grow.

Written by: Nyle Matthews - Visit author's website

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