How to set up a video production company

When thinking about setting up a video production company you first need to understand how much time, money and effort it is going to take up. Most people think that they can just think of a production name and then thats it, they suddenly have a video production company.

You need to think about where your talent lays as your skills are going to play a major part of getting your video production company on to its feet. What is your main focus? are you just going to produce wedding videos, or are you looking to get into creating adverts?
Every little detail needs to be thought through so when you initially start up the company you will know exactly who you need to speak to or what steps to take next.

Where are you going to source your equipment from? Will it be hired? Or do you have you own? Buying equipment is what the majority of your money is going to be spent on, so do you research and find the bare minimum you will need to be able to pull of the initial jobs you are looking to do.
Once you know what kind of equipment your are going to buy, you then need to look at getting that equipment insured. The most important things you will need to do is have Public Liability insurance and Insurance for your equipment. Public liability insurance is going to keep your company covered if say a member of the public got injured due to your own fault. The insurance for your equipment is also crucial, you can not just purchase a few thousand pounds of equipment in the hope that it will never get damaged. Imagine being on set and your camera gets knocked out of your hand and no longer works, are you just going to go purchase another camera the next day? You probably won't have the funds to do that.

You company needs to be professional from the very start. A professional logo (again, who will you get to do this? how much?), a professional website, and of course some business cards. These things are key to your success as when potential customers are searching around for an ideal video production company, they want to see a nice fancy website and be able to put some trust in your business. If you have a bland website with just boring text, nobody is going to bother with you if that is the level your business is operating on.

The things that I am mentioning are going to be aspects you need to think about when starting your video production company. You need to start small and gradually build yourself up so do not be scared if you do no understand certain aspects at the moment. You will need to understand from the start that it is all about research! Every little decision you make no matter how small it is should have been researched before hand, as you may find it is ideal in the beginning, but what about the long run?

I highly recommend that when starting this business that you make it a limited company, why? If for what ever reason you got sued, your house, car etc will still be safe, you do not want to lose your whole life just for a small issue somebody did not like. When limited your company you will have to take into consideration the equipment you are using, if it is all only used for the business, then you can claim tax back and it will be an asset to your business but you really must do research before even contemplating this.

If you are reading this it means you are still paying attention which is good! keep looking through forums, keep searching on google. Take time to just think, you will find that sometimes you will say to yourself, will I need to do....? this is good, you are being proactive, get online and start finding out what you will need to do to make that happen. You must use as many resources as you can, but do not be fooled in special packages that will get you making thousands in weeks as this is never true. Keep thinking and you'll eventually have successfully started a video production company, then your journey begins.

Written by: Nyle Matthews - Visit author's website

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